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About Us


Single mother of 3 children, Elyse Nicole was born in Newport Beach California, but was raised in the Buckeye State of Columbus Ohio. She grew up with very little, but mastered the skill of stretching a dollar. This skill would later become helpful when it came to raising her children on her own, and to become more creative when it came to providing for them.

Times were difficult, but soon film school led her to becoming a red carpet host for Hollywood Events. This was a problem at first, because money was not something she had much of, and she had to dress to impress. Not wanting to spend too much, Elyse had to find fashion jewelry that was affordable, and yet made her stand out. Countless hours were spent looking online for unique pieces that would fit into her budget. It would be worth the effort in the end when she discovered many providers that offered high quality fashion jewelry that wouldn't break the bank. Elyse felt the need to share her discovery with close friends and family, which then led to her creating a site that catered to ALL women of every type. All pieces are hand picked to suite the many different moods we may be in. Please enjoy, because every piece is chosen with love and in the name of fashion.